Well, everybody has to start somewhere, right?  I have been thinking about starting a blog for a while now, but just never made the leap.  Some events have transpired over the past year or so that has led me down the path to getting it going.  Just before Covid, I had the privilege to travel to Palo Alto with many other VMUG leaders to the Leader Summit hosted at VMware.  There, I found what felt like a whole other world that I had been missing for my whole career and was filled with many like-minded individuals.

From there, I started becoming more active in social media and even became a two-time vExpert.  Following that, I started having regular get-togethers with an amazing group of people on Saturday afternoons and even joined up on a few podcasts.  This has finally led to my first ever free tech from a vendor that is arriving tomorrow and has given me the final push to get this thing started.  I hope to venture into many different topics during these writings as I tend to work on many different projects across multiple vendors.

Sit back, buckle your safety belts, and enjoy the ride!